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I have just spent a bit of time on a “work from home dads” forum. Some pretty interesting stories on there and some very innovative work at home dads.

I noticed the odd lady getting a bit of advice too and wondered if it was for themselves or their husbands.

There was one dad who had thrown up an arcade site. I had never heard of an arcade site before and nor had any of the other dads on the forum so it was an interesting post to read. After only 2 months this particular work at home dad said he was making between $15.00 and $25.00 per day from AdSense and expected this to get to $50.00 per day quite soon. Not much but as he said imagine if he could throw up 5 – 10 of these sites.

The other thing that struck me on this forum was the amount of work from home dads who said they had been burnt doing affiliate marketing. This interested me because that is a field I am interested in and have some knowledge of.

AdSense ads are one way to make money on the Internet.

Essentially the website owner gets paid by Google or Yahoo (or whichever search engine they use) for the ads that are placed on his website. He really doesn’t have to do anything.

The work from home dads that had got burnt appear to have tried a variety of different ways of making money on the Internet.

There are several:

Article marketing – which costs nothing
Pay Per Click (or PPC as it is more commonly known) where ads are placed based on specific keywords. If the ad is clicked on (actually viewed by a user) then the advertiser pays the search engine (Google for example). If a purchase is made the advertiser has succeeded in making a sale and earns a commission.
Pay Per Action (PPA). As per pay per click but here the advertiser gets a subscription from the user. For example a membership fee to a dating site or weight loss program or similar.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically this is optimizing a website so that it ranks higher, and therefore gets more traffic, on the search engine pages.
And numerous other ways – just too many to mention in an article of this nature.
This is all pretty foreign stuff to the uninitiated and it is no wonder that so many work from home dads (and moms) don’t have a lot of success.

Often they are lured into buying some sort of program for a one off fee – usually quite small at under $100.00 and often as little as $20.00 – which promises to reveal the “secret” to instant and easy success on the Internet.

Now I am not saying these things don’t work but I do believe one needs a certain amount of knowledge and education on the different aspects of Internet Marketing.

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can of course get this training and can work at your own pace. This is ideal for the work from home dad or mom.

In my experience this training is essential before you even consider buying the latest “secret” from the “guru” who professes to have made $77 million in the last 2 years.

Why on earth would he be interested in giving you his secret for a measly $100.00?

So my advice to all those work from home dads and work from home moms out there is to get yourselves educated and then start making some money from one or more of the ways available through the internet.

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