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Within any group of writers, one is apt to find a person with some ideas about network marketing from home. That is because many writers work at home. Some of those writers eventually publish books. If they want to gain more publicity for their published book they need to put their efforts into performance of network marketing from home.

By working from the home, a published author can create a network of potential book buyers. By network marketing from home, a published author can manage to promote his or her book.

Such promotional efforts supplement the less intense efforts normally pursued by any given publisher.

The tools available for network marketing from home represent the tools of greatest value to the author of a published book. Those same tools give the author the ability to launch an intense promotional campaign. What are those tools?

Knowledge of the public relations “game” is one important tool, a tool that can guide the steps of a little-known, published author. One expert on book promotion has called publicity the “less mysterious cousin” of advertising. Publicity can call attention to a published book.

Every author generally has opportunities to create book-related publicity. Every author should watch for newsworthy information that the author might send to the editor of a local paper. Such bits of information can catch the attention of the public, and can encourage public interest in a book written by the author mentioned in the short news article.

Of course network marketing from home must include more than just the sending of short newsworthy articles to the local paper. The editor of that same paper ought to receive a “kit” from the published author. In that “kit,” the author should include a press release, a document containing information on the newly published book. If the same author is also writing a column or reviews, then that too should be mentioned in the press release.

Once an author has established contact with a newspaper editor, then that author needs to work on adding material to the material already in the written press release. The author needs to build on the credentials that he (or she) has already managed to amass. The author might try scheduling some speaking engagements. The members of the audience would become members of the author’s growing network.

Working from home, a published author can also create a blog or a website. Those are tools that assist with the promotion of a published book. They are also good networking tools. The benefits available to those with either a website of a blog underline the connection between network marketing and book promotion.

Still those who develop any type of network should constantly strive to widen that network. Such an expansion can be carried out by sitting at a home computer. The computer user must simply create a newsletter, a newsletter about the product that he or she wants to sell.

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