"You Can Make $1,000(N360,000) Monthly From CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading/Investing Without Referring Anybody"

...A Case Study of how i Made N14Million  in 2017

Hello Friend,are you really making money from cryptocurrency or Loosing Money?

Many guys have lost fortune in  crypto mlm scam 

  If you have lost money in the name of  invest and  earn daily returns Sorry for your loss

..I am here for you

I am here to help you make real Money from cryptocurrency

My name is Sam Nebo. I am a serial and dynamic enteprenuer, investor and of course Cryptocurreny Trader.  Today, I invest and trade different cryptocurrencies. I read market chart and can accurately predict market move and give correct advice on when a coin should be bought and when to sell to gain maximum profit of the market. That is why most of my proteges called me a crypto expert.

28th November, 2017 i made a post on facebook ,warning my friends to beware of bitconnect crypto mlm,even though the so called coin has been gaining value in the market, i saw a potential crash ahead . Within 2 months of making that post..Bitconnect lost 99% value in the market

After this incident ,many of my friend pleaded with me to teach them how to invest and trade profitably So i decided to help them and that is why i am here to help you to be profitable

If making  consistent money from cryptocurrency is your dream ,then  pay attention to what i am about to share with you.

My Story of Forex Trading Voyage & The Discovery of Crytocurrency Trading

In 2007, I was introduced to forex market. I started trading demo account and later went live after I gained some confident that I could make something with my acquired knowledge. Unfortunately, I was struggling with the market. After few months, I decided to call it a quit. 

I quitted because my capital was small and I couldn’t cope with the stress of going to cybercafe every day because I couldn’t afford personal internet connection then.

I eventually dumped forex trading and focus on internet marketing which was much easier for me to cope with.

I did that and run some other mutilevel marketing programmes with my internet marketing knowledge until 2016 when providence was kind enough with me to discover BITCOIN.  

I found out that I can actually invest and trade cryptocurrency just like what I learnt with forex trading some years back. That got me glued.  

The Beginning of My Sweet Exploit With Crytocurrency Trading

After I have convinced myself that crytocurrency trading would be the best for me,

...I started testing the water.

I was not interested in taking full blast risk.

I only started by investing the amount of money I could easily lose without even having headache because I won’t want to draw near having heart attack with my hard earn money.

March 25th 2017,when Bitcoin price was still $940, I transferred 0.1BTC to gatehub.    

The same day-I exchange the Bitcoin to  Ripple of the equivalent amount as seen below



My investment paid off big time as I made 3,699% of my money within two months. Check the chart below to have view of the trading

That was a massive gain within two months over $3,700 gained

After Realizing these profit -I splitted my money and invested into many other coins

As you will see below the power of portfolio management 

My 2017 Trading /Investment Journey

Throughout 2017 i was busy researching market pattern /psychology,how to know when a market is about to go up or down .I made some fastastic prediction that really pay well

Immediatly after BTC Fork in Aug 2017,i bought NEO formely antshares and i made over 1396% gains.

I also predicted and bought Ethereum(ETH) when people was panicking and speculating ethereum crash vs Vitalik Death rumor

I took this trade on 2nd Dec ,2017 within 4 weeks ,i made 192% gain


I bought 500k volume of verge coin when the price was 55 satoshi

I made the annoucement when i was accumulating the VERGE coin

Trading view Website  also recorded my name from the date i made this annoucement and


I made over 2500% Gain in less than 1 month

This is what netted my portfolio to 40,000 usd and when converted to naira over 14M naira Made



Often times ,i have been asked this QUESTION?  How Was I Able To Make This Money in an Uncertain Market?

ANSWER: Buy things that are going up. Sell things that are going down. And when they stop, get out!

So Now Are you ready to learn how to make LEGIT,Sustainable,consistent money from cryptocurrency without referring any body?

If your Answer is No

Please close this page and thank you for coming around

But...if your answer is YES

CONGRATULATION...I am here to help you

Without mincing words, this crytocurrency market is hotter than hot

The market is design to make people rich  overnight

...don't get me wrong

It is not a rocket science

Adequate knowledge is required to before you can milk from the market.

 I am very sure that you will thank me specially few months from now if you launch into the market with the right knowledge and mindset because I am certain that with those elements well in place, you success is guaranteed

Introducing ...

Cryptocurrency Trading /Investing Crash Course For Begineers.


This basic course is designed to guide anybody that is seriously interested in making money by investing and trading cryptocurrency.


Your background or experience does not matter. In as much you can watch video, understand simple English instruction and take action on what you are learning, it is sure that you will soon be sharing your own wonderful testimony about unending income you are making from cryptocurrency.  


Before I tell you what you are going to learn from the course   It is important you hear from our student who is now making money from the market    

Student Feedback-Making $200 Daily From Cryptocurrency

Here are what you will be learning in the course:

  • Introduction – Mental Alertness – Mental alertness and right mindset is neccessary to succeed in the market. You will learn how to position yourself mentally to become a winner in the market.
  • Understanding Psychology Of the Market:Sentiment causes market to move up and down. So, understanding the sentiment behind market flow is the key to knowing when to BUY or SELL a coin.
  • Cheapest way to Buy Bitcoin From Your Nigeria Bank:Forget buying bitcoin from the so called local cryptocurrency exchangers, they are greedy. With your bank account, I will show you how to buy Bitcoin cheaply and sell to gain good market value.
  • Storing And Securing Your Online Bitcoin Account: Online security is very important in protecting your crypto asset. You will discover how to use hacker-proof protection for all your accounts.
  • Portfolio Management: This module explains how to split your money and buy different crypto asset. Portfolio management is key to successful cryptocurrency investing. This is where you will learn why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Best Exchangers to Buy Altcoins: This module explains the best exchangers you can buy altcoins from and also teach you how to trade with high volatility.
  • Understanding Support And Resistance: Support is likely the point where the market will bounce back and resistance is likely where the market will reverse. Understanding these two points on a chart helps you to determine when to buy and sell for profit
  • Trading Trendline: Trend is your friend. It is peculiar in trading because it remains the easiest factor to make money on currency platform. This module will show you how to draw your trendline and how to profit from it as simple as ABC.
  • Lots More 


With this trading course, you will learn how to buy when the market is going up and how to sell when the market is going down. Also, know when to stop and get out of trading when the market wants to move against you!

I am already making some cool profit this year 2018 again.  I made 150% gain with LUN in March 2018. You can see the chart below

The market “neither sleep nor slumber”. It is active both day and night. Every hour is embedded with potential and opportunity. You shouldn’t waste another day without jumping right in.

For the very first set of 50 persons that subscibe to this course will also have access to my SUPER bonuses stated below:

  • Secret of Investing Into ICOs
  • Bollinger Band Trading Secret:My trading arsenal weapon

So Do you Want This Training?

Enjoy Over 30% Discount By Subscribing for This Course TODAY!

Today, you are so lucky because you could enjoy about 33% discount if you subscribe immediately.
Normally, this training goes for N15,500.00 access but you can get about N5,000.00 slash and just pay N10,500.000 if you pay now.



The knowledge you are paying for is priceless. You will be amazed with what you will learn as a beginner and how you can easily get started after going through the course.

You should take advantage of this discount NOW because the course price goes back to N15,500.00 in the NEXT 2 days. 



I have careful worked on this course to ensure it meets all your need to get started with cryptocurrency trading especially if you are new to the whole concept as a Nigerian.

I am 100% sure that you will be satisfied with the training. You can even shoot me an email for support if you are not clear about any thing you learn in the course.


60 days Money Back Guaranteed

If after studying the course and applying the methods that I recommended in the video for the NEXT 60 Days but it seems NOT working or useful for you, then you contact me, I will apologise for wasting your time and refund your full money .



The discount you have here is for limited time. You will be paying the EXACT AMOUNT for the course immediately the TIMER here hit zero so pay N10,500 now or N15,500 soon!


Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N10,500 into;
Account No: 0015651212

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to: 
As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within 10 minutes.


SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area. No waiting whatsoever.

  • Now You Have The Opportunity

    Why don’t you join me and few other that are already enjoying the Cryptocurrency Money?

    The Market is ready to pay you as long as you are ready to take action. Knowledge is the secret key to succeeding in the market and here you have it.


If you get in today, I promise you that you will not regret it.


Maybe you have some questions?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Question

Question:How Much Capital Can I Start With?

Answer:There is no minimum amount or maximum amount ,A friend of mine started with $5 and turn it into $150.But after you watch the videos,you will understand how to manage your portfolio and invest wisely.

Question: How do i recieve the course?

Answer: All the courses are in video format,so you will watch the videos to learn and also you can download them to your PC for referrence 

Question:How Much Money Can I Make In one Month?

Answer: Trading is a probability business ,which means it is a business of risk,But the risk you can define yourself.For instance base on your personal risk torelance which you will learn you can decide to set 1-5% risk stop limit for your trade.So anytime the market goes against you,you quit and any time it is in your favor you keep.This is the only business that allows you to define your risk ratios.


Question: How Much Time Does This Business Require Daily?

Answer: Trading is waiting for the right trade.Once you look at the chart from the understanding of what you learn in the course ,you will know when to buy or not.Also you can monitor from your phone all trading platform have APPs.


Question: Any Help Support Available ?

Answer: We have a swift email support available on membership level.So we are always available to help you when needed.


Now all these and more are available to you. Go ahead to be part of this great opportunity right away.

Jump in now and experience the rich abundant of cashflow in crytocurreny, alternatively, close this web page and continue your search for another unknown and uncertain opportunity.

To You Success,

Sam Nebo

CEO: FAB ONDEMAND INTL: 15 Bajulaiye road Shomolu ,Lagos

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