Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Market is indeed a revolution,It is an emergence of  decentralizing  technology -BLOCKCHAIN

Blockchain is an evolution of TRUST and Bitcoin is an evolution of MONEY

Blockchain technology is designed to change life and put back power in ordinary people hand


Overnight millionaire has been made in this industry and many are on the process

If you are still not yet investing into cryptocurrency space this is the right time  for it


How To Invest Into Cryptocurrency

For you to be a profitable investor,proper understanding of the market is  required .There are many  fake crypto coins listed in the market that does not have any value .

1.Make a research  : To Find a thing ,you must  research,so the first place to check up is . Click on each coin you are interested in,Visit their website,read white papers,check out the circulating volume they have,the lesser the volume  higher chances of it gaining values,also filter your search by choosing a coin with high market cap.


2.When To Buy: To be a profitable investor ,you must learn how to buy LOW and sell HIGH or Sell High and Buy Low.So proper understanding of the behaviour of the market is required.This can be achieved when you understand the technical analysis of a chart. Every market moves in waves ,so understanding which waves the market is in will give you an edge to be profitable. For a long term investor who want to buy and wait for a year or two ,studying the market condition might not be needed


3.Where To Buy: Every coin has a market,from the coinmarket cap website click on market

There are many exchangers ,i love trading with three of them,because they have high liquidity and good reputation,you can signup with them for free-click





4.Storing Your Coin:Safety is very importance in crypto world,It is not advisable to store your coin on exchangers,except you are trading with it.if you are a long term investor,you can store your coin on desktop wallet of a coin,this wallet are found on the website of the coin.Also you can use hardware wallet.nano legder,or Desktop universal wallet like Jaxx or Exodus.Also it is advisable to enable 2FA google authenticator in all exchangers you are using ,this will secure your account from hackers.


To make a life changing money ,you must invest with a long term view and in a solid project

We have helped many to be profitable by buying the right market and also trading the movememt

if you need help ,you can contact me today

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