Chinese Herbal Remedies – Herbal Tea

Chinese herbal tea is renowned the world over as the major as a major remedy among the many Chinese herbal remedies. It is generally a black or dark brown liquid that is made from various Chinese herbs. It is usually made in a province in southern china called Guangdong. Though tea leaves are seldom used in the making of Chinese herbal tea, the sweetness depends on the type of leaves used of which most have a slightly bitter taste. It’s due to the high temperatures of the places where the Chinese tea is made that the tea is in most cases taken cold. The Chinese people call it “cooling tea” in the Chinese language.

Chinese cooling tea has been proven to relieve a number of ailments and diseases, such as sore throats, some alleviate flu, and others for a number of ailments. Due to the wide variety of Chinese herbal remedies specialists are all over china, studying and finding the medical properties of the various herbal teas. Among the already proven health benefits of the Chinese tea, are that it helps to prevent cancer, when taken at regular intervals. For people who have high cholesterol levels, it lowers cholesterol & blood pressure levels in the body, and it is therefore recommended for people who have diabetes.

It is easy to take Chinese tea since there are no known health risks that accompany it. Chinese herbal tea can also be taken by children since it helps them by preventing cavities and strengthening the immune systems, by producing T-cells that fight bacterial infection in the body. The T-cells are produced after a compound in the tea called L-theanine reacts with the chemicals found in the liver.

Perhaps the most common advantage of the Chinese tea is the effect it has on the skin of people who take it, especially the golden moon Chinese tea, which is the most rare but finest Chinese tea available. The Chinese herbal tea makes the skin glow. This effect has the ability to reduce stress and thus helps mainly the old people by regulating the speed of aging. The antioxidant polyphenol content in the herbal tea, has been proved to help people looking to slim. It does this by burning the excess body fat. It is due to the increasing popularity of the Chinese herbal remedies that this tea is even being packed and exported to countries all over the world.

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