Attention Work From Home Dads – How to Build a Thriving Career From Your Castle

Let’s face it men, gone are the days when it isn’t acceptable to be one of the few work from home dads.

That’s because there’s not a few of us anymore; we’re growing by leaps and bounds. Who says dads can’t raise kids well?

I’ve been a stay-at-home–and work from home–dad since day one. Day one started almost 7 years ago for me. I have twin boys and a little girl; that’s right, three of them, and two at once to boot.

I bet you can’t even top that level of responsibilities!

Sure, my wife had some maternity leave each time, but then I was on my own to fend for myself like a wolf in the wild.

I don’t know about your situation, but a lot of dads default to the stay-at-home position because their wife either had a better paying job, or one with better benefits. In short, it was a pragmatic, economical decision, and not necessarily because you wanted to be the guy changing diapers at home.

Well, that was my situation, too.

Of course, raising twin boys at the time was an incredible amount of work, but like the saying goes from the famous German philosopher, Nietzsche: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I understand that some stay-at-home dads are totally fulfilled being just that: a stay-at-home dad. Grocery shopping, playgrounds, cooking, cleaning, and so forth.

But not me. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial-bent. So almost from the day my wife left back to work, I set about trying to transform myself from a stay-at-home dad to one of the legions of work at home dads.

This was back in 2002.

How did I do this?

I started researching business opportunities I could do from home.

To make a long story short, I decided affiliate marketing–selling products for companies I liked, and doing it online–was a great choice. Now, I didn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing, mind you.

All I knew was the theory of how it worked when I started because I read up on it. But even in theory, it sure sounded better than envelope stuffing type phony opportunities and the like.

One thing a bit daunting about affiliate marketing is that it’s pay-for-performance only. There’s no money coming in from the start. If you don’t produce, you don’t get paid. Period.

I think that scares a lot of people off, and that’s highly unfortunate. Because the upside is that, if you have ever been angry anytime in your life due to a boss who you thought wasn’t paying you what you were worth, then pay-for-performance is your way to prove whether you are right or wrong.

The upside of pay-for-performance models like affiliate marketing is there’s no ceiling on your income. You can make nothing, or you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, sitting at home.

And, yes, I do make that kind of money now. And I don’t say this to brag. I say this to open your mind to the possibilities.

Fast forward 7 years later and the only thing different is I added a third child somewhere along the way to the brood.

My wife still works (because she is one of those rare people who actually likes her job) and I’m still one of the now many work from home dads.

My simple advice to you is this if you’re just starting out: skip all of the opportunities in which you are promised dollars for time (many of which are illegitimate and phony, by the way), and pursue bigger dreams by building a business from your castle.

As a man, let’s be honest, our careers are very important to us; our identities, in fact, are intertwined with what we do.

Speaking for myself, no matter how much I love my kids — and I really do, particularly my adorable little girl — I would have never achieved the level of fulfillment I have had I not built and pursued a career and business from home while simultaneously not shirking on my parental obligations.

There’s a good chance that, as a guy, you’re going to find out you feel the same way. Embrace that part of who are.

Dan Ho is the founder of [], a nearly turn-key training system that applies article marketing to carefully selected lifetime income programs to create significant passive income.

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